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Missourians against the death penalty, and the Kansas City Criminal Justice Task Force, Family Advocacy Group is asking for help to stop the execution of Michael Taylor an offender on death row in the state of Missouri. Please write, call or e-mail Gov. Nixon asking him to grant a stay for Michael Taylor's execution giving the supreme court time to rule on the execution drug. After talking with the compliance officer for the Oklahoma State's Attorney's Generals office and being told the Oklahoma pharmacy that supplied the drug has not broken any Oklahoma laws. I have contacted the Missouri Attorney General's office, but have not heard anything definite on their investigation into the use of the drug that will come from the Oklahoma pharmacy. It is our understanding Taylor's attorneys recently discovered, Missouri is taking cash into Oklahoma to purchase a combined drug that is not regulated by FDA. . Missouri's last execution was for death row offender Herbert Smulls. He was put to death using a drug that is intended to put animals to sleep. No one knew for sure how much to use. Missouri executed this man while his appeal was still undecided. Joseph Luby, an attorney for Smulls said he received an e-mail at 10:30 pm from the Supreme Court saying the stay application was denied at 10:24 pm-four minutes after Smulls was pronounced dead. "It's just troubling and fundamentally lawless" Luby said. 

Contact infromation for Governor Nixon: Call: 573-751-3222.  E-Mail:http:///www.governor.mo.gov.

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Comment by Ester Holzendorf on September 2, 2014 at 10:25pm

Update: As you probably already know Michael was executed. I keep in touch with his parents. They are doing ok. Linda continues to advocate for changes in the death penalty laws and long term sentencing.

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